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Explore the wonders in the dancing world of bureaucracy

the Project

"A walk to the future with the hand print of the past"
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The "Bingo Project" is a modern dance show performed by the “Arabesque” ballet company and the comedian Niki Stanoev with the special participation of the Bingo Symphony Orchestra. It will take us into the absurd world of anti-utopia, music and dance amid the modern interpretation of the works of Stravinsky, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Bartok, Tchaikovsky, Piazzolla and Schnittke.

The action takes place in an undefined future, when global warming is a fact, and bureaucracy dictates each and every step one takes. Even the devil himself is powerless against it.  And the only way to survive in this administrative hell is to compete for governmentally subsidized project funding. This year's "Project" becomes a source for comic situations, visceral passion and contemptious rivalry.

The key to the stories that unfold in search for "The Bingo Project", like most things in life, can be found in dance and in love.

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bingo project orchestra

the Orchestra

"A colorful pallet of emotion, insight and artistic surprises"
bingo symphony orchestr

The formation of the Bingo Symphony Orchestra is also tightly interlaced with the plot in "The Bingo Project". Much like everything else in these bureaucratic times their creation revolves entirely around financial necessity.   

The six musicians, Evden Dimitrov, Orlin Tzvetanov, Sofia Radilova, Mladen Taskov, Stefan Goranov & George Marinov are renowned jazz, rock, underground and classical musicians, whose artistic expressions emerge in a seamless unison through the varied musical genres that are prevalent throughout the competition for the Bingo Project. 

Some of the performers are part of the chamber ensemble "Sofia's soloist" and the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra, whereas others are part of the underground bands "Wozzeck & Chugra", "Slav de Hren" or the funk'n'fusion formation Funky Miracle.

bingo project dancers

the Contestants

"A whirlwind of dance... a stroll through the musical genres..."


The show will feature the amazingly talented ballet troupe "Arabesque", acting as the contestants for the newest bureaucratic project. The performers from "Arabesque" have adorned the ballet stage with their eloquence in modern dance for more than 50 years, making them a staple among the Bulgarian dancing community.


The artistic director Boryana Sechanova, their choreographer - Asen Nakov, and the set and costume designer Elitza Georgieva have also won numerous rewards and accolades  for their outstanding work through the years, including the "Crystal Lira". "Askeer", "Icarus" and others.


In the role of the bureaucratic clerk we will see the talented comedian Nikolay Stanoev, beloved from the renowned TV series "House Arrest" and through the many other plays and performances of which he has been an integral part.


The Bingo Project is a non-traditional musical experience, entangling elements from many different time periods and musical styles. Providing both a technically challenging act for the performers and a visually immersive experience for the viewers, the efforts of the entire cast are poured into conveying the message and insight of this musical performance.

bingo project dancers


Written by Michael Size


Bingo Symphony Orchestra & Arrangements by:
Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Stravinsky, Borodin, Mussorgsky, Naro,

Bartok, Khachaturian, Velasquez, Wagner, Ruiz, Schnittke, Prado, Piazzola

Choreographer: Asen Nakov

Set Design & Costumes: Elitza Georgieva
Director: Boryana Sechanova
Assistant Choreographer: Daniela Ivanova

Repetition Coach: Olesya Pantikina

bingo project seniors

the Plot

Act 1

The Opening

The action takes place in an undefined future when global warming is an irreversible reality and every step a person can take is dictated by bureaucracy. To make their living, people are forced to apply for project funding for everything of value in life.

The main protagonists, husband and wife Philip and Elena, have won last year's "Project of the Year" - building a social center for senior citizens. Their friend and colleague The Clerk, the mastermind behind the couple's participation in last year's project, however, has had somewhat different plans should they encounter their sudden burst of financial success.

At the center's unveiling, we find out what the money from the project was actually spent on - opening a Bingo Hall. A large enough space, which can also conveniently be accommodated for any event or ceremony that can even slightly line the coffers of The Clerk, be it legitimately or not.

Act 2

The New Project

As life goes on and the Bingo Hall begins to thrive, Philip and Elena learn from the news about the announcement of a new "Project of the Year".

This year the project revolves around the significance of culture. Any potential candidates must form a dance troupe and put on a ballet show, and the most exemplary performance would win the coveted "Project of the Year". And finally, anyone - regardless of state, stature or skill, can participate in this year's competition. 

The Clerk seeing the news, attempts to persuade Elena and Philip to form their own ballet troupe, and try to win the "Project" once more. Although they know nothing of dance, after some fierce debating, the couple agrees.

The Clerk announces that in order to secure the win, the participants would also require an orchestra for the musical arrangements. But due to an unfortunate and unexpected lack of funds, utterly unrelated to underhanded undertakings, the troupe will be using the rock band, which plays during the weekend in the Bingo Hall.


In order to make the competition judges perceive the band as more grandiose and extravagant than a mere weekend rock band, The Clerk declares that their new name shall be "Bingo Symphony Orchestra".

Act 3
The Casting

Philip and Elena hold dance auditions to find the best talent for their troupe. The upcoming candidates perform both classical, modern and Latin dances, each showing the breadth of their abilities.

Act 4
The Bingo

Meanwhile, in the Bingo Hall, elderly people are excitedly involved in their favorite game - Bingo. The Devil apparates into their lively game, as even he longs for the coveted "Project of the Year".  He possesses the body of a senior war veteran, and suddenly calls out “Bingo”!


Act 5

The Rehearsal

The dancers are chosen and their rehearsal begins. As they perform, The Devil lurks and twists amidst them, like a lurid snake, trying to seduce the performers.

The Clerk, afraid that The Devil might ruin his chances at winning the Project, takes up his bureaucratically appointed role of an Exorcist and banishes The Devil in a turbulent dance.

Act 6
The Wedding

The rehearsal continues, but soon due to sudden and truly unexpected and definitely non-corruption related reasons, the show reaches dire financial strives. In order to raise more money, The Clerk decides to lend out The Bingo Hall for a same sex wedding.

During the ceremony the now newlyweds, allured by the appeal of the "Project", decide to also take part in the dance competition. They conspire to entice Philip to join their troupe and increase their chances of winning that begrudged government funding.

Elena, devastated and betrayed, has to find another choreographer to keep herself in the running for that ever more important "Project of the Year".

Act 7
The Competition

The big day of the competition arrives. 

The performances are broadcast live on television and a renowned jury reviews and votes on each of the performances. The competition is fierce and the atmosphere contentious, so much so that even The Cleaning Lady tries to free The Devil, so that she too can take part.

All the dancers and competitors display the fruits of their year-long labour as they go for their final number. After scornful deliberation the jury announces the winners.

Elena and Philip remain alone in the Bingo Hall.

bingo project dancers
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